ST-NMEA (ISO) Converter
December 22, 2017
The KS30 is a 1m tuned VHF antenna for AIS to fit all Digital Yacht AIS receivers and transponders.
KS30 – VHF Antenna
January 3, 2018
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AIS WiFi Server


“WiFi enable any Digital Yacht AIS receiver or transponder.”

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The AIS WiFi server connects to any Digital Yacht NMEA 0183 38400 baud output and wirelessly sends data to tablets, smart phones and iPads.  AIS and GPS data is transmitted from a transponder.

It supports both TCP/IP and UDP (multiple) connections so this server is compatible with 1000s 3rd party apps such as NavLink, iNavX, iSailor, iAIS etc.

Up to 7 devices can connect simultaneously if using a UDP connection.

The wifi antenna is built in yet will footprint a boat typically up to 25m.  It is a simple 2 wire connection for data.  12/24v operation.