What about the NMEA 2000 Network Current?

A key consideration in any good NMEA 2000 network design, is the total current that the network is consuming. If the total current is more than the safe current capacity of the NMEA 2000 cabling (3A for all Digital Yacht cables) then the cable could melt or even cause an electrical fire.

  • Each device on the NMEA 2000 network consumes some current
  • It is very important that the total network current is known and that it is less than 3A
  • Every NMEA 2000 certified device, has a Load Equivalency Number or “LEN” for short
  • 1 LEN = 0.05A (50mA)
  • The LEN number will be printed on the devices product label (see example below)
  • Add up the LEN values of all devices and make sure the total is less than 60 LEN which equals 3A