A Digital Yacht marine PC not only brings email and web access but also Electronic Charting, Navigation and entertainment onto your boat. Digital Yacht boat PCs are the perfect solution for a permanent PC installation on board any sail or power boat.

Why a PC on board?

Utilising a PC on board brings important benefits not just for regular PC tasks such as email and web access but also for entertainment and navigation. The number one, compelling reason to add a PC to your boat’s navigation and communication system is amazing value. There’s no doubt that a dedicated chart plotter is ideal for use at the helm where it needs to be waterproof and compact. But below decks, a PC can offer big screen performance at a very attractive price compared to a dedicated large screen multi-function display. Of course, a PC and chart plotting software can also be your only electronic navigation device, just integrated to the GPS and instruments via a simple NMEA interface.

A PC also offers more powerful functionality than a dedicated multi-function display with the ability to install software for lots of applications from navigation to entertainment, email communications, weather and internet connectivity. PCs are also up-datable as new applications become available.

Why not a laptop?

They are simply not designed for the hostile marine environment with constant vibrations and momentum from the boat and of course they’re not designed for salty air. Laptops also consume large amounts of power and often you will need an inverter or adaptor to connect to the boat’s DC supply which introduces more losses and electrical noise. It’s a much neater solution to have a dedicated PC and display both in terms of functionality and reliability. With some simple engineering, you can install a monitor to swivel between chart table and saloon so it can become an entertainment as well as a navigation device.

The Aqua range of PCs from Digital Yacht are designed to be permanently installed and can connect direct to the boats DC electrical system. They consume minimal power and are completely solid state with no moving parts. Despite their impressive performance they are as affordable as a good quality laptop and can support multiple monitors.

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