Product Firmware

Product Firmware Updates

4GConnect Latest Firmware V01.10.00 10.5MB 51 downloads

This is the latest firmware for our 4GConnect products and is common across all variants. We recommend this update to all users to bring them up to the latest kernel and libraries. DO NOT FORGET to unzip the binary file inside before uploading it, using the 4GConnect web interface.

AISNode+AISNet Firmware V01 50 Zip 7.76 MB 33 downloads

Latest Receiver Firmware Update for AISNode and AISNet (units sold since Sept 2015)

AIT250+1000 Firmware 10 11 14 0 Zip 157.60 KB 56 downloads

Final firmware update for our legacy Transponders AIT250 + AIT1000

IKommunicate Firmware 2017042100 Zip 1.03 MB 44 downloads

Latest iKommunicate firmware update (21st April 2017)

IKommunicate SD Card V2 00 Zip 9.87 MB 27 downloads

iKommunicate SD Card image including 21st April 2017 Firmware Update

STUMP Updater Program 99.26 KB 12 downloads

Windows program (V2.8.0) to Update the firmware in our STM32 based products; iKonvert, ST-NMEA Converter and GPS160. Unzip the downloaded file and run the EXE installer file.

WLN10SM Firmware V1.43 372.77 KB 28 downloads

Latest firmware for our new WLN10SM Smart Wireless NMEA Server (not suitable for WLN10 or WLN10HS units).

Update the firmware via the WLN10SM web interface and once successfully updated, press and hold the reset switch for >10 seconds to restore to factory defaults.