Which AIS transponder to choose?

To help you choose the right AIS transponder for you, here are a few keys that may help you out:

  • Receive targets on a plotter – if you want to receive only AIS targets on a plotter then you have the choice between the AIT1500, AIT1500N2K, AIT2000 and AIT2500. The AIT1500 or AIT1500N2K have a GPS built into the transponder and is therefore recommended for fibreglass boats up to 30 feet. The AIT1500 only has an NMEA 0183 interface while the AIT1500N2K has a NMEA 2000 interface. The AIT2000 (class B) and AIT2500 (class B+) both have an external GPS antenna and can therefore be installed on any type of boat. They both also have an NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB interface.
  • Receive AIS targets on software or applications – If you only want to receive AIS targets on navigation software or applications, then we recommend the iAISTX. This is an AIS transponder with an external GPS antenna and a built-in WiFi server.
  • Receive AIS targets on a plotter AND software/applications – To receive AIS targets on a plotter and software/applications at the same time, we recommend the AIT5000 (Class B+). The AIT5000 is the most complete AIS transponder with a certified zero loss VHF antenna splitter, NMEA multiplexer, external GPS antenna and WiFi server.
  • AIS for rental boats – if you are looking for an AIS receiver or transponder that you can put in your suitcase and want to use when renting a boat then the Nomad is the right AIS transponder for the job. It is the only portable AIS transponder that has a built-in GPS, is USB powered and comes with a portable VHF antenna.

Now that you have an idea of which AIS transponder you need, you will also need to choose between Class B or Class B+ AIS transponder.