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AIS Transponder with Icom VHF Radio, VHF Splitter & WiFi

From: $2,840.00

“Add Class B+ AIS transponder capability to an Icom M510 VHF radio. This pack includes AIT2500, VHF splitter and ICOM M510 VHF Radio.”


This package consists of an ICOM M506 with an AIS Transponder combined. Products include:

  • AIT2500 Class B+ AIS Transponder
  • ICOM M510 VHF Radio
  • SPL200 VHF Splitter
  • NMEA 2000 Starter kit
  • In option: NavLink2 NMEA2000 to WiFi server



The Icom M510 is an AIS ready VHF which normally comes with an internal AIS receiver.  Many boaters want AIS transmission capability too and the AIT2500 makes the perfect partner, upgrading the system to a full Class B+ 5W AIS transponder while integrating with the Icom VHF for easy DSC call capability to AIS targets and sharing AIS and GPS data via the NMEA 2000 backbone. The IC-M510 is slim (depth: 53.6 mm; 2.1 in) and easy to install in your boat.

Use the RS-M500 app (for iOS™/Android™) to remotely control the IC-M510 through WiFi. Up to three smart devices can be used as a wireless microphone or remote controller in substitute for the COMMANDMIC™. Intercom function between your smart device and the radio is also available.


The AIT2500 uses our latest Class B+ SOTDMA technology – this offers 2.5x transmit power of regular Class B plus a more frequent position update based on the speed of the vessel. Just like a commercial Class A transponder, SOTDMA technology also guarantees a transmission slot in areas of high AIS traffic. The AIT2500 has NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 interfaces so will integrate with plotters and MFDs too.

AIT2500 comes with an external GPS antenna and 10m cable. There’s also USB for a PC or MAC and you can easily connect to a tablet or iPad for app navigation using the optional NavLink NMEA 2000 wireless gateway.

ICOM M510 with AIS Transponder

This solution includes the patented ZeroLoss SPL2000 VHF-AIS antenna splitter. Therefore allowing you to share the main VHF antenna with the VHF and with the AIT2500. You don’t need to install a 2nd VHF antenna which saves time and cost while preserving excellent performance thanks to the ZeroLoss technology. The SPL2000 also features an FM radio (boat stereo) antenna output to utilise the VHF antenna with the VHF and AIS but also with an on board stereo. Ideal for RIBs and sports boats to cut down on antenna clutter.


In option, you can add NavLink2. It is an easy to fit NMEA 2000 to WiFi server, with a design to allow NMEA 2000 navigation data available for apps on smartphones, tablets, iPads and PCs. Once installed, it creates a local WiFi network for devices to connect. Real time AIS target, GPS position, Instruments data and more data will be displayed on detailed electronic charting through compatible software & apps.

With the supplied NMEA 2000 starter kit, installation is simple. The addition of the Digital Yacht SPL2000 AIS-VHF antenna splitter also allows sharing of the VHF antenna so there’s no need for a 2nd antenna.


  • ICOM M510 with AIS Transponder
  • Send and receive AIS data – see and BE SEEN
  • Latest SOTDMA 5W technology ideal for high speed vessels
  • Instigate a DSC call from targets viewed on the VHF
  • Great value solution with no need for a second VHF antenna with SPL2000 splitter
  • AIT2500 is a Class B+ 5W AIS Transponder
  • Comes with an external GPS antenna.
  • SPL2000 is a ZeroLoss VHF splitter
  • NMEA2000 starter kit also allows easy installation
  • In option: NavLink2 to send wirelessly all NMEA2000 data onto navigation apps & software

With WiFi, Without WiFi

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