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“CLA2000 is the ultimate SOLAS and inland waterway globally approved Class A AIS transceiver. “


Digital Yacht’s new CLA2000 is the ultimate SOLAS and inland waterway globally approved Class A AIS transponder. Water and weather proof to IP67 and a full integrated 5” hi-res colour display. The CLA2000 supports a wide range of functionality including electronic chart navigation with optional C-Map MAX charting and AIS target management.

Proven, superior real world AIS message receive and transmit (12.5W) and message processing performance is delivered by advanced core SDR AIS technology. This state of the art technology therefore ensures you see more targets, more of the time and at maximum range.

The CLA2000 will find applications on SOLAS mandated vessels over 300GRT. workboats, rescue services, inland waterways users, RIBs and also recreational craft wanting premium AIS performance and safety.

Besides regular Class B, AtoNs and Class A AIS detection, the CLA2000 has optimised software for detecting AIS SART and MOB devices with a dedicated icon for this class of AIS. As a result, detection of an activation by an AIS SART beacon activates an automatic alarm. The target plot display will calculate relative bearing of the device allowing for easy visualisation of the target and rescue.

On the front panel of the CLA2000 there is a integrated micro SD card reader behind a waterproof cover. This micro SD card reader supports software updates, data logging of AIS and position data to a blank card. Compatibility with C- Map MAX charting cards for optional detailed back ground charting is also possible.

The CLA2000 has an integrated wireless interface, thus allowing AIS and position data to be sent to smart phones, tablets, and PCs for use with navigation apps. Devices can connect directly to the CLA2000 through the supported client mode that connects to an existing wireless network or AP mode as a stand alone system.


  • Globally approved Class A AIS transponder
  • High resolution, 800 x 480 pixel 5” colour display (MKD) with easy to use, fast user interface
  • Bracket or flush mount – waterproof to IPX7
  • Integrated GPS with external antenna (supplied) or utilise external NMEA feed (user selectable)
  • 3 x NMEA 0183 interface (bi-directional for plotter, ECDIS, radar etc)
  • 3 x sensor input ports (eg BlueBoard, external GNSS, gyro etc)
  • NMEA 2000 interface
  • Built in SD card slot for AIS data port logging or C-Map MAX mapping capability with optional C-Map data card
  • Built in wi-fi for connection to iPads and tablets for wireless navigation
  • Sophisticated AIS SART MOB alarm and display capability
  • User programmable alarms for CPA and TCPA
  • Advanced filtering of targets
  • External alarm and remote silence switch capability


Download the full presentation of the CLA2000 by clicking here.



You can download the installation and operation manual of the CLA2000 Class A AIS Transponder by clicking here. 



Is the CLA2000  globally approved?

Yes it is and we have all the international certificate such as : SOLAS, IMO, USCG, TUV, FCC, EU, CCNR, CCS, Industry Canada.

What is included in the box?

The AIS transceiver, its mounting bracket, the product manual, the power cable, a 14 way data cable, a 18 way data cable and a GNSS antenna with 33ft cable. Therefore, all you would need to complete the installation is a VHF antenna with a PL259 connector. Using a splitter with a Class A transponder is not recommended.

Can you take off the mounting bracket?

Yes, for flush mounting the mounting bracket can be removed. If someone wants to hang the AIS transponder from the coach roof the mounting bracket can also be reserved for this.

How to configure the unit?

Configuring all of the Ship’s Static data, Voyage data, Alarm/Sensor configuration, NMEA setup, etc within the configuration of the transponder can be done through the unit’s user interface with its colour graphics screen. As a result, configuration of the CLA2000 does not require software. An onscreen keyboard makes entering text and numbers “easier”.

Can I connect the CLA2000 to my equipment’s using NMEA?

The CLA2000 has multiple NMEA 0183 inputs and outputs for connecting to charting systems and sensors. Also an optional NMEA 2000 drop cable can connect the CLA2000 to the vessels NMEA 2000 backbone.

Can you install the CLA2000 on any type of boat even NON Solas ?

Yes, the CLA2000 is ideal for non-SOLAS vessels with many of the interfacing and features that larger pleasure and work boats need.

Can you install the CLA2000 outside?

Yes, the CLA2000 is waterproof to IPX7 so it is water and immersion resistant.

Can I stop the AIS transmission with a Silent switch?

If the CLA2000 is being used in a Non-SOLAS or Inland mode, you can fit a “Silent Switch” (like a Class B).

How do you get detailed charts on the unit?

The CLA2000 supports C-Map MAX charts. In the waterproof Micro SD card slot (front bottom left) you can insert the C-Map charts bought. However, The detailed chart function is only available in NonSOLAS mode. Hence, this added chart plotter functionality allows the CLA2000 to become a powerful AIS display and backup to the vessel’s main charting system.

Can we configure the CPA and TCPA alarm?

Through the CLA2000’s menu, you can configure all the CPA and TCPA alarms.

What’s the power consumption?

At 12V, the unit will consume around 0.9A (6A peak) and at 24V, it will consume around 0.5 A (4 A peak).

Which app or software for the wifi?

The new CLA2000 has a powerful Wi-Fi interface for sending AIS data to mobile devices and PCs. It supports TCP and UDP modes for maximum App compatibility. The WiFI can work in AP mode, creates its own wireless network, or Client (STA) mode where it joins an existing wifi network. We keep up to date reviews on our news blog at– search on iOS or Android.  For instance, popular apps include iRegatta, iNavX, NMEA Remote, iAIS, NavLink, iSailor, SeaPilot, Weather 4D, MaxSea TimeZero, AIS View and literally 100s more.


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 20 cm

Introduction video of the CLA2000

What’s included in the box of the CLA2000?

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