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ENGINELink – Wireless Engine Interface


“Monitor your engine data on a tablet, phone, PC, MAC or iPad using Digital Yacht’s ENGLINELink NMEA 2000 wireless gateway”


ENGINELink is a new NMEA 2000 wireless gateway that allows mobile phones and tablets to display engine data (utilising a NMEA 2000 interface) as well as providing a feed of AIS and GPS data to popular apps like Navionics, NavLink, iNavX, SavyNavy, AquaMaps and more.  Now boaters can have engine data plus their favourite charting app displays on their connected devices.

Engine information such as RPM, temperature, pressure and battery voltage are displayed as an attractive dashboard display through the web browser on the mobile device so there’s no need for a custom app. iOS and Android devices can display app data and a web browser page side by side so you can have your favourite charting app open alongside engine instrument displays.

Setup and installation is easy.  Just “T” into the NMEA 2000 backbone and ENGINELink is self powered from the network.  It creates a secure, password protected local wifi network with up to 7 devices able to connect simultaneously.  UDP and TCP/IP protocols are supported too for compatibility with 3rd party apps.

Most modern outboards and engines have an NMEA 2000 interface or the ability to add as an accessory and ENGINELink has preset dashboards for popular manufacturers including Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Mercury, Yamaha, Yanmar and Volvo. In addition, ENGINELink has a dashboard for the new generation of electric engines, that displays current consumption and battery capacity.

Either single or dual engine installations are currently supported and ENGINELink will work with any “NMEA 2000 ready” engine. If the vessel is fitted with NMEA 2000 compatible Trim Tabs or Jack Plates, then the status of these performance critical accessories are also displayed on the dashboard.


  • Wireless gateway for NMEA 2000 networks with integrated engine instrument displays
  • Compatible with engines/outboards with NMEA 2000 capability
  • Secure, password protected wifi network or connect to existing boat wifi network
  • Displays for popular parameters like RPM, battery voltage, temperature, pressure, fuel,etc
  • Dedicated electric engine display page
  • Support for single or dual engines
  • Simply connect to backbone and connect iPad, smart phone, tablet, PC or MAC via wifi – any device with a browser can display the instrument dash!
  • Streams real time AIS and GPS data to other apps such as Navionics too for precision boat GPS data and AIS overlay
  • Displays data from NMEA 2000 compatible Trim Tabs and Jack Plates
  • Easily updateable as engines offer more parameters
  • Logging capability for diagnostics

Product Introduction

Setting up EngineLink for single or dual engines

Setting up EngineLink with an Electric Engine

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