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NMEA 0183 to USB C adaptor


“Get NMEA data into the latest generation of PCs or MACs with this super stable interface USB C interface”


The NMEA 0183 to USB C adaptor works on the most modern PCs and Macs. It converts NMEA 0183 data, used by many marine systems, into a USB C (the new style mini format) that can be plugged into the latest generation of computers.

The adaptor is a bi-directional device. Therefore, data can be sent to and from systems and supports traditional 4800 baud data or the higher speed 38400 baud rate used by AIS systems. LEDs show data being received and transmitted – thus helping  with interfacing issues and encapsulating all the electronics into the connector.

The device creates a virtual COM port on the PC which navigation and charting software can use to read NMEA data. If necessary, multiple adaptors can be connected . This effectively allows the creation of any number of NMEA ports on your PC. Drivers for this device can be downloaded from our website.  It’s Windows XP/7/8/10/11 compatible.  MAC and Linux/Raspberry Pie drivers are also available.


  • Converts NMEA 0183 into USB (C type connector) so that your computer can read the data
  • Bidirectional data conversion
  • Use with our GPS160 and other NMEA products for PC integration
  • Low cost, simple solution
  • The computer is able to fit more than one adaptor – take multiple NMEA sources into the PC
  • 4800, 9600, 38400 and 115200 baud compatible
  • Built-in indicator lights flash to show data is receiving and transmitting
  • Easy plug and play connection to most computers
  • Also available on our iKonvert product for NMEA 2000

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