Having the right PC software can transform your boating experience, giving you access to real-time navigation data, weather information, and other important updates that can help you stay safe and informed on the water. Two popular PC software options for boats are SmarterTrack and TimeZero.

SmarterTrack is a comprehensive navigation software suite that allows you to plot your course, monitor your progress, and receive real-time weather and AIS updates. TimeZero is another powerful navigation software option with features like high-resolution chart rendering, real-time tidal data, and advanced weather forecasting tools. With the right hardware and software combination, you can transform your PC into a powerful navigation tool that helps you stay safe and informed on every boating adventure.

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“Easy to use PC navigation software compatible with Navionics charts. Powerful features and AIS enhanced displays.”

TimeZero Navigator


“Sophisticated navigation software with advanced navigation and AIS capabilities and wide choice of charting formats.”

SmarterTrack Express


“SmarterTrack Express is a new navigation package which includes the SmarterTrack navigation software and the GPS160 with USB.”

Digital Yacht Coastal Monitoring Solution


“The Digital Yacht Coastal Monitoring package is a turn key, AIS based vessel monitoring system with a sophisticated AIS base station receiver and pre-configued PC with advanced TZ Coastal Monitoring software allowing for real time overviews of vessel traffic and sophisticated reporting, rules based alerts and tracking.”