NMEA to Ethernet interface
LANLink – NMEA Ethernet
December 17, 2020
The E179F is a mounting bracket for our WL510 and 4G Connect antennas. It allows these larger 1.25” antennas to bolt down onto this threaded fitting.
Deck base for CX4A, WL510 or 4GConnect (ZCELE179F)
March 29, 2021
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TimeZero Navigator

From: $500.00

“Sophisticated navigation software with advanced navigation and AIS capabilities and wide choice of charting formats.”


TimeZero Navigator is a sophisticated PC charting software package with advanced navigation and AIS capabilities and a wide choice of charting formats.  The standard version of TimeZero Navigator is supplied with NOAA raster charts included. You can also choose additional charting (available for the whole world) in Wide or Mega Wide packages. Charts can be viewed at  The Wide option includes TZ Navigator software plus 1 wide chart region of your choice. The Mega Wide option includes TZ Navigator software plus a Mega Wide chart region.

The US NOAA charts are included in both these packages too.  For the charts, choose from MapMedia (for predominately raster based charting from official ENCs), C-Map or Navionics. When you place your order, we will contact you to confirm region and type. We can also supply additional regions as required or a Global Chart Pack.  Please contact us for details

Timezero Navigator is ideal for use on the Aqua Compact Pro and Pro Plus systems.  It’s fully compatible with Windows 10 and also with our iKonvert USB-NMEA 2000 gateway, USB-NMEA 0183 adaptor and NavLink wireless gateways.  It also supports an autopilot output via our USB-NMEA 0183 adaptor.  Create marks, waypoints, routes, boundaries, lines, annotations & even add a photo as user objects.  Waypoints and routes can also be sync’d across the cloud and used in the TZ iBoat iOS app for an integrated tablet and PC solution. Full AIS display capability with CPA/TCPA alarms and target list and integration with internet AIS like Marine Traffic if an internet connection is available.  Download weather for an animated display layered onto chart with wind, temp, pressure and wave information.

Options include Radar Module (compatible with new Furuno DRS4DNXT radars), Sounder Module and Weather Routing Module.  The Weather Routing Module is ideal for long distance sailors and provides routing according to wind, waves and currents with isochrones overlay. Routing calculation automatically avoiding the coastline and shallow water (with possibility to set the depth limit), dual route calculation sail/motor (depending on the wind and theorical speed limit) and expected wind conditions display along the track.

Delivered as a digital download or pre-installed on our Aqua PCs, it comes with a licence for up to 2 PCs.


  • Supported PC Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Connection to Instruments: SeaTalk 1 (via STN adaptor), NMEA0183 (via USB-NMEA adaptor) or NMEA2000 (via NavLink)
  • Choose between Standard, Wide or Mega wide option for the charts.
  • Autopilot Output Connection
  • Exclusive TIMEZERO Chart Engine (2D and 3D View with Seamless Chart Redraw without limited range presets)
  • Friendly Touch Screen compatible User Interface
  • Day, Dusk and Night Mode
  • Worldwide Planning Charts (base map)
  • Worldwide 3D Database (base map)
  • mm3d Raster or Vector chart compatibility (from various manufacturers such as C-MAP, Navionics or MapMedia)
  • Exclusive TIMEZERO PhotoFusion (intelligent mix of satellite photos and nautical charts)
  • Depth Shading (color according to depth overlaid on the chart)
  • Worldwide Tide Database
  • Tidal Currents for North America
  • Optional Western European High Resolution Tidal Current (refer to chart catalog for availability)
  • Optional Accurate High Resolution Satellite Photos for Bahamas and Europe (refer to chart catalog for availability)
  • Multi-level Undo & Redo
  • Unlimited Track Recording (with track recall feature)
  • Advanced Route Planning Wizard (Route Departure Time Optimization according to Tidal Current)
  • Anti-Grounding Cone
  • Planning Route Safety Check
  • Lost Sensor Alarm
  • Print Route Feature
  • Odometer NavData (Duration, Distance, Max Speed, Average Speed)
  • Marks, Waypoints, Routes Boundaries, Lines, Annotations & Photos (User Objects)
  • Synchronization of User Objects (Local and Cloud synchronization) among compatible TIMEZERO Platforms)
  • Unlimited User Objects (3)
  • Worldwide Place Name Search
  • POIs: Import your own Photos (“My Pictures”) with Automatic Geolocation
  • POIs: ActiveCaptain (Interactive Cruising Guidebook)
  • Weather Data Service (Rain, Cloud, Air Temperature, Wind, Waves, Oceanic Currents, Pressure)
  • Weather Forecast, Tides and Currents Animation
  • Alarms (Anchor Alarm, CPA/TCPA Alarm, Depth Alarm, and more…)
  • AIS and MARPA Target Display (with targets list)
  • AIS and MARPA Graphic CPA
  • Target Track Recording
  • AIS Marine Traffic compatibility (Global AIS feed through an Internet connection)
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Man Over Board (MOB)

TZ Navigator inc US NOAA Charts, TZ Navigator plus Wide area chart, TZ Navigator plus Mega Wide area chart

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