The Aqua range of PCs from Digital Yacht are designed to be permanently installed and can connect directly to the boats DC electrical system. They consume minimal power and are completely solid state with no moving parts.

Despite their impressive performance they are as affordable as a good quality laptop and can support multiple monitors. The most powerful software works perfectly with our marinised PCs even when using 3D bathymetry.

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S124 23.5” HD LCD Marine Monitor

From: $1,299.95

“The S124 is a new 24” HD LCD marine monitor screen designed for below deck or internal dash mounting.  It features a 1920 x 1080 pixel display for bright colour and vibrant displays.”

Aqua Compact Pro


“A super compact, ultra reliable marine PC with powerful 10th generation Intel processor i3, 240GB solid state hard drive and direct DC operation – ideal for use with demanding 3D navigation programs.”

AquaNav Pro Pc


“AquaNav Pro is our new marine PC offering an ultra rugged, totally solid state, fan-less marine PC system. It’s the perfect navigation and charting PC with fast graphics, low power consumption, direct DC operation and an NMEA 2000 interface.”

Aqua Compact Pro +


“The Aqua Compact Pro + utilises a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB RAM and 480GB solid state hard drive  for modern 3D charting and radar overlay applications.”