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November 9, 2018
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66ft cables for 4G Connect Pro
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iKonvert NMEA 2000-USB Converter


“One NMEA2000 Gateway/Converter for all your data needs”


The iKonvert NMEA 2000 to USB converter is a smart and flexible gateway. Therefore allowing software applications (apps) to read/write NMEA2000 data. This can be either for ultimate analysis and control as RAW binary PGN data. Otherwise for conversion to the older and more commonly supported NMEA0183 data.

Every popular Marine Navigation app that runs on PC/MAC/LINUX computers can read NMEA0183 data. iKonvert provides a simple, reliable and cost effective way to access the navigation data on an NMEA2000 network. Simply set the DIP switches inside iKonvert to the required data mode that you want to use. As a result, iKonvert will extract the selected data from the NMEA2000 network. The data is then provided to your marine app in a format and at a baud rate they support.

For developers creating new apps or who know how to decode NMEA2000 PGNs, iKonvert can also be easily set to its “RAW Mode” where data can be read/written to using a simple serial data format that we publish on our iKonvert Github site. Integration of ikonvert does not require special libraries or proprietary code. This has attracted the interest of a number of developers. In addition, iKonvert is already compatible with CanBoat and the popular Signal K Node Server.

The iKonvert Gateway is compact and its housing is easy to mount. It features an integral USB cable and standard NMEA2000 Micro drop cable (male). In addition, it takes its power from the NMEA2000 network. It also provides full galvanic isolation between the USB interface and NMEA2000 networks. iKonvert operates at a 230KB baud rate in “RAW mode” and 4.8KB, 38.4KB or 115KB in NMEA0183 conversion modes. All modes can be simply selected using the internal DIP switches with no special configuration software or firmware changes required.

iKonvert’s USB interface features an FTDI chip. This chip has the most reliable and compatible USB drivers for all of the popular systems (Windows/Mac/LINUX/Android). Furthermore, for direct connection between NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 systems an ISO Version of iKonvert is available.


  • Small but powerful bi-directional NMEA 2000 to USB Converter
  • Powered from the NMEA2000 network
  • High Speed USB 2.0 USB Interface (FTDI)
  • Compatible with Windows, OSX, LINUX and Android
  • Can operate in “Raw Mode” (Binary PGN data) through configuration
  • Converts all of the key navigational data
  • Integral USB (Type A) and NMEA2000 Micro (Male) cables
  • Simple configuration of data modes using DIP switches
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Perfect partner for Expedition software with raw mode now supported


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